Our Mission

The San Antonio Workers Collective (SAWC) is established as a 501(c)(4) non-profit social welfare organization to be a resource for workers and employers and to be an advocate for workers to employers. San Antonio is the 7th largest city but falls behind national standards when it should be leading by example. More people are in poverty and our wages are staggering behind. Just because corporate interests and out of touch politicians in Austin set anti-worker laws doesn't mean corporations and businesses shouldn't be held accountable for putting profits over workers and enriching top executives over the welfare of those who put them there.

  • Document and Publish Reports on Corporate & Business Practices against Workers.
  • Provide Workers Advocacy & Support on Benefits, Salary, Understanding Corporate Policies, Local, State & National Laws, and Taking Action.
  • Work with willing Employers to advocate and develop comprehensive policies supporting Workers Welfare, and confront those neglecting such.
  • Advocate on the local government level for paid time off and other pro-worker ordinances, along with increased resources for workers.

Submit your information & join the Cooperative!

Submit information about your job, completely anonymously, that you feel comfortable with. This data will help us produce reports on companies to hold them accountable, and where to focus our attention towards. You can also join the Workers Cooperative and support our research, advocacy, and mission by getting a membership and donating! If interested in joining click here.